Mike Buccieri
Michael (Mike) Buccieri

Beverage Director & Sommelier

Meet Michael, the curator not only of cocktails and wines but also of moments that linger in the hearts of our guests. In the world of fine dining and extraordinary experiences, his journey has evolved from orchestrating the symphony of flavors in the kitchen to becoming the wine maestro at Ristorante Massimo.

A Journey Through Taste

From humble beginnings handling dishwasher duties to navigating various roles in different restaurants, every step of his culinary journey has been a source of delight. The kitchen, once a canvas for culinary innovation, has now expanded to include the intriguing world of wines. His love language remains the same—creating, witnessing reactions, and indulging in the almost selfish act of bringing joy through flavor.

Wine: The Next Level

Wine, to Michael, represents the next level of depth in the culinary world. It’s the intricacy, the story behind each bottle, and the ever-evolving experience that captivates him. Tasting wines is akin to translating the language of the kitchen into a symphony of tastes. Our wine list, a treasure trove, is brimming with stories, vintages, and nuances waiting to be explored.

Nurturing Excellence at Massimo's

The restaurant world demands structure, cadence, and meticulous attention to detail. Starting as a dishwasher, Michael has embraced every role, building trust and growing alongside the legendary Massimo. Working for Massimo is but a continuous pursuit of perfection and an opportunity to make things happen.

From Chef to Sommelier

While the technical aspects of fine dining come naturally, the emotional journey of keeping people happy and delivering exceptional service is a challenge Michael has embraced with passion. HIs transition from chef to sommelier is a testament to the dynamic nature of the culinary world

Life Lesson and Culinary Spirit

A move to LA became a defining chapter, a journey of failures that birthed invaluable experience. Inspired by the spirit of Anthony Bourdain, Michael embodies the camaraderie, the misfit spirit, and the passion that defines the culinary world. Food has always been his calling, even as he explored construction and music.

The Heart of His Passion

Michael’s journey with food began unexpectedly, evolving from a picky eater to a culinary enthusiast. A simple twist with Italian dressing on chicken at the age of 10 ignited a love affair with flavors. He learned early on that food is not just sustenance; it’s an art, a passion that demands love and dedication.

In the restaurant industry, where each plate tells a story and every sip is a journey, I’m here to make things happen. A motto, taken from a Michelin Starred Chef, David Lefevre, during his time working in professional kitchens: “I am in the business of making sh*t happen,” resonates through a decade of honing my craft, embracing challenges, and cultivating a love for the extraordinary.

Join us at Ristorante Massimo, where every meal, and now every sip, is a symphony of tastes crafted with love and passion.

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