Massimo Morgia


Behind every successful restaurant is a creative artist, a caring leader, and a person with an unparalleled passion for delighting guests with the ultimate dining experience possible.
Born in Pontecorvo, Italy, proprietor Massimo Morgia has traveled extensively and mastered the art of authentic Italian cuisine and the genius of outstanding hospitality. “Growing up, every Sunday dinner was a feast. Everything was fresh and purchased that day from different, local specialty Italian markets.” Massimo’s family also picked their own tomatoes, jarred their own sauce, made cheese, and cured their own meats. To this day, his family still harvests their own tomatoes. “Eating wasn’t just part of our day, it was the core occasion around which our entire family worked, gathered, shared, laughed, and lived,” explains Massimo.
Massimo began working in the kitchen of his brother-in-law’s North Shore seafood restaurant at age 13, learning the nuances of fine dining and restaurant management. He eventually moved on to become the maître d’ and manager of several prominent, Five-Star restaurants in the North Shore and Boston. In 1994, he became co-owner of Anthony Alberto’s Ristorante Italiano where he was instrumental in building the restaurant’s culinary reputation. Acquiring full ownership of the establishment in 2003, he celebrated his long-time dream of running his own elegant, unique, and truly sophisticated Italian restaurant.
Massimo remains inspired by his love of Italian food, the brilliance of his staff, and perhaps most important-by his satisfied guests. “When a guest seeks me out after dinner to tell me he absolutely loved every minute of his experience—that is the highest compliment any proprietor could receive. It honors our artistic work, reflects our strength of character, and is a source of pride for every single person on our staff.”


Executive Team

JETHRO LOICHLE,  Executive Chef

MASSIMO MORGIA,  Restaurateur