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Our Gallery of Artists

As guests relax in the restaurant's warm, rich earth-toned ambiance, they inevitably remark on the magnificent oil paintings that grace the restaurant's brick grotto walls.

Meticulously painted by some of the leading landscape painters in the world, each original artwork was individually hand-chosen for its ability to inspire wonder and transport guests to Florence, Rome, and Italy.

We're honored to display the works of these renowned artists and proud to offer our guests such brilliant windows into the beautiful, timeless land and sea vistas of Europe.

Helen Razin

Helen Razin was born in June 1967 in California. She was educated at the Art Institute of Atlanta where she graduated in 1991 with top honors.

Helen enjoys painting a wide diversity of subject matter from still lifes to landscapes. Inspiration for her landscapes comes from her love of traveling the countryside where she often takes her easel, setting up in a field to catch the play of light on a rolling meadow or hill.

"I am your typical artist. I love to paint, capture, and create, enjoying the smell of the paint, the canvas and the general sounds of the studio. I enjoy painting images where color, composition, and mood all gel together to elevate the viewer's awareness."

Her works are displayed in many different private and corporate collections around the world.

Edgar Flores

Born in Tacna, Peru, in 1971, Flores is one of the most promising South American painters. He spent most of his childhood in the southern part of Peru, where he learned to draw after famous murals in Tacna. At the age of 16, Flores attended the art school Escuela de Farmacion Artistica Francisco Lazo, in Tacna.

A couple of years later, Flores and his family emigrated to Lima, in search of a better future. By 1990, he was attending the most important art school in Peru, the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, from which he graduated with honors.

Flores has exhibited in the best salons, which include: La Casa Basadre, Tacna; La Casa de la Cultura, Lince, La Casa Osambela, Lima; Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Lima; Universidad Mayor de San Marcos; Municipalidad de Pimental, Lambayeque; Galeria Pancho Fierro, Lima; Municippalidad de Barranco, Lima; and Galeria Centro Cultural Ruso, Lima.

Antonio Iannicelli

Antonio Iannicelli was born in Italy in 1952. Iannicelli left school to attend a course in design and painting since he always had visions of himself as an artist, even as a child. He has participated in numerous cultural shows, in Italy and other areas of Europe, where he has always been received well by the art critics and the public.

Iannicelli's paintings reflect his views of a world in which "The soul of modern man has become aware of its own fragility but nevertheless finds unexpected joy." The artist's works are composed of warm impressions of landscape subjects. He believes that the Venice and coastal regions of Italy propose nothing photographic or artificial, but evoke genuine emotion and capture the love that he has for his country.

Sam Park

Besides the usual obstacles to success as an artist, Sam Park had to overcome the strident resistance of his traditional-minded Korean family. "Be an engineer, or something, anything respectable," his father had exhorted him. But young Sam would not be deterred or dissuaded from his sense of destiny.

The internal prism through which Park refracts the scene before him produces a soft, romantic light, a manifestation of the sense of harmony and serenity that Park seeks to experience and convey. While some artists challenge and confront the viewer, Park seeks to reassure. Soon the canvas is filled with beautiful, refreshing, invigorating color, as if you could feel the gentle breezes blowing in from the Mediterranean.

Ciro Canzanella

Ciro Canzanella was born in Naples in 1948. After attending the Naples Academy, he left to free himself from the influence of other artists and communicate with nature which he considered the best of teachers. He visited many cities and resorts all around Italy and took up residence in Capri-enchanted by the beautiful island and the opportunity to study the sea in all its infinite aspects.

His warm, colorful, dazzling pictures are typical of the Mediterranean landscape and bring to mind eighteenth century Neapolitan paintings. His paintings can be viewed in many Italian galleries and abroad, where he has earned a reputation as an exceptional colorist with an ardent love of penetrating the delicate secrets of light and shade.


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